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The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School is heavily invested in innovation and entrepreneurship. They are committed to supporting the Entrepreneur journey, from the launch of a startup, to helping scale businesses into multi-million dollar operations.

Industry connections are the lifeblood of the Business School, their partnership with Entrepreneur Organisation Brisbane (EO) is invaluable for connecting them with emerging and established entrepreneurial leaders locally. We aim to add value by offering cutting edge research and educational tools for everyday business problems many entrepreneurs face now and in the future.

They are passionate about EO’s core value to invigorate a thirst for learning. In a business landscape led by change and disruption, it’s even more critical than ever before to build a lifelong learning mindset.

UQ Business School has one of the largest entrepreneurship ecosystems in Australia. As well as our Startup Academy, they offer up to date Executive Education and Graduate Management solutions, including their top ranking Master of Business Administration. They aim to be a future-proofing partner to the flourishing Brisbane entrepreneur community.

EO Brisbane Member Benefits

Brisbane Though Leadership Series

15 tickets to the Brisbane Thought Leadership Series events (normally exclusive to UQ Business School Alumni) which there will be 3 in 2019. More information on the series is available here - https://www.business.uq.edu.au/thought-leadership-series

EO Brisbane will announce these events by way of email and Facebook as they become available.

Academic Experts to speak at your Forum

Looking for an expert to speak at your next Forum? UQ Business School can supply an Academic Expert to speak at your next Forum subject to availability. Here’s some topics below. To organise a speaker, contact:
Kate Cupples
Engagement Team Leader The University of Queensland Business School
T +61 7 3346 8046
E k.cupples@business.uq.edu.au


• Marketing for entrepreneurs – why automation tools are so important for new business

• Cybersecurity – some common risk for new businesses

• Business model innovation design

• Building team culture from the ground up

• Leadership and Management – how to empower employees in a new business

• Building trust – how to build trust with your stakeholders from day one

• Future-proofing for sustainability as you scale

Dollar for Dollar Subsidy on Executive Education Courses

EO Brisbane will match the spend of any UQ Business School Executive Education Course of your choice up to the value of $1000 per Member.
$5,000 worth of subsidies will be available from January - June 2019 and $5,000 from July - December 2019.

Here are the available courses:

Learning to Lead

Finance for non-finance managers

Leadership for executive women

Contact admin@eobrisbane.com.au to apply for the UQ Business School Executive Education Course subsidy.