Strategic Alliance Chair Position Description

As Strategic Alliance Chair, your mission is to build a sustainable folio of corporate partners that support the Members of our Chapter via extended benefits and financial contribution.

To accomplish this, you will ensure we are regularly prospecting with new and exciting Chapter Sponsors and where possible, integrating them into the Chapter ensuring mutual benefit and growth to the relationship.

Together, we have identified the following goals, responsibilities, benefits and expectations of you in your position as Strategic Alliance Chair.:

Strategic Alliance Chair Goals:

  • To recruit new cash and in-kind Strategic Alliance Partners in line with the Board’s goals

  • To maintain current Strategic Alliance Partners by ensuring both Partner and Member are receiving benefit from the relationship 

To achieve these goals or other objectives for the Chapter, you may have a number of ideas and initiatives that you wish to pursue. Many of these ideas would have been generated during your time at the GLC based on the experiences of other Chapters in Australia, New Zealand or around the world. You may also have discussed some ideas with your predecessor during succession meetings. You should raise these ideas for consideration with the Board at the Strategy Summit.

Strategic Alliance Activities:

  • Identify, educate and close potential Strategic Alliance Partners (SA’s) ensuring that SA’s demonstrate the ability to provide value to Member’s and that we our Members could potentially provide a return on investment

  • Maintain ongoing communication with interested potential SA’s 

  • Negotiate contract rates and inclusions 

  • SA contract activation - work with Board Members and Staff to activate sponsor benefits 

  • Host an bi-annual Strategic Alliance Lunch to touch with SA’s and relationship health 

  • Ensure SA’s are attending EO events and facilitate introductions