We are currently seeking prospective Member referrals from our current member base so we to can add greater value to our members experiences for both the Accelerator Program (US$250K - US$1M) and EO Brisbane Membership (US$1M+)…


Make an initial call and tell them a compelling story about a time when your EO membership or Accelerator Program helped you through a challenge in your business or personal life. Share about a time your Forum / Accountability Group helped you through a challenge, an incredible event you attended, or a learning experience that changed something in your business.

  • Incorporate questions into the conversation. For example, “Have you ever felt alone as an entrepreneur? Or that sometimes you were unsure of the right business decision to make? Imagine if you had a peer network of fellow entrepreneurs that were willing to openly share their experience. EO is a peer network that…”

  • Exclusivity: Let prospective members know that it is a privilege to join EO. More than 90% of small business owners do not meet our qualifications. Just because a prospect fits the criteria, it doesn’t mean he or she is accepted automatically. Membership in EO is by invitation only. Build exclusivity by encouraging prospects “to apply” rather than “join.”


1. Pass on our SHORT PROMO PIECES on EO or EOA
2. They can REGISTER TO ATTEND our next, Intro Day on the 7th of August 2019 
3. Connect them with our Membership Chairs below…



Accelerator Program referrals
(US$250K - US$1M)
Darshan Chavan
0415 518 725 | darshan@qualificationedge.com.au

EO Brisbane Membership referrals
Mic Emanuele
0413 833 393 | daniel@globalsourcings.com.au