Other Leadership Roles

Path of Leadership Looking to take your first step on becoming a leader of leaders but not quite ready to take on a board role? EO has many leadership opportunities to help start your leadership journey within EO.

Day Chair a Learning Event

Want to practice your public speaking skills, meet the speakers, and facilitate the running of a learning event? Day chair a learning event and get in front of your fellow members for a day.

  • Understand event run sheet before event

  • Meet with speaker before hand

  • Deliver a strong welcome including house-keeping (will be provided to you)

  • Thank speaker and wrap up event

Join the Advance Committee

Our Advances occur every 2 years and are a great opportunity to bring the entire chapter together for a few days of learning, connecting and memories. Get your event planning and facilitation hat on, and help us make the chapter retreats memorable and filled with once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Become an Accelerator Accountability Coach

Guide the next generation of entrepreneurs and EO members by giving back and sharing how you grew your business to USD$1M+. :

  • Meet with your Accountability Group, face to face, once a month (three hours)

  • Monitor and support your Accountability Group Participant’s action items and hold them accountable

  • Attend all Quarterly Learning Days, sitting with your group, supporting them (four x eight hours)

Become a Mentor or Mentee

Our chapter is brimming with talent. Yes that's right you. We can learn a lot from each other. The mentorship program helps to put some structure around this.

  • Face to face meeting (approx. 1 hour), every month for twelve months

  • Attend half day Mentorship Training session

Become a Moderator

The Forum Moderator is a member leader in each Forum that leads and manages the Forum to ensure that all members have a healthy, successful EO Forum experience. Interested in becoming the next Moderator for your Forum? Please let your current Moderator know.