MyEO Chair Position Description

The MyEO Chair is a Member leader who drives the development of MyEO programming (Events, Forums and Groups) at the chapter level, communicating regularly with the MyEO Expert in their region. The MyEO Chair’s mission is to increase member engagement through the MyEO platform. As your chapter’s expert resource, you help engage and retain members by encouraging their participation in MyEO Events, Forums or Groups. Together, we have identified the following goals, responsibilities, benefits and expectations of you in your position as MyEO Chair.


  • Recruit MyEO Champions to create and maintain MyEO Events, Forums and Groups

  • Provide awareness of MyEO Events, Forums and Groups within your chapter
    Educate your chapter about MyEO tools available for launching activities

To achieve these goals or other objectives for the Chapter, you may have a number of ideas and initiatives that you wish to pursue. Many of these ideas would have been generated during your time at the GLC based on the experiences of other Chapters in Australia, New Zealand or around the world. You may also have discussed some ideas with your predecessor during succession meetings. You should raise these ideas for consideration with the Board at the Strategy Summit.


  • Communicate and encourage Members to become a MyEO Champion in line with the Board’s goals set at Strategy Summit

  • Communicate and encourage your chapter members in participating in MyEO activities