Membership Chair Position Description

The Membership Chair is responsible for recruiting high-quality individuals into the Chapter based on the Global qualification criteria and an understanding of the Chapter’s requirements for applicants to demonstrate the highly critical values of trust and respect. The Membership Chair may also take into consideration any other Board requirements from time to time with the aim of maintaining a broad member satisfaction.

Together, we have identified the following goals, responsibilities, benefits and expectations of you in your position as Membership Chair, and by signing this document you accept the obligations, which are expected of you in fulfilling these positions during your tenure as Membership Chair:

Membership Chair Goals:

  • Achieve new Member goal in line with the Board’s goals set at Strategy Summit

To achieve these goals or other objectives for the Chapter, you may have a number of ideas and initiatives that you wish to pursue. Many of these ideas would have been generated during your time at the GLC based on the experiences of other Chapters around the world. You may also have discussed some ideas with your predecessor during succession meetings. You should raise these ideas for consideration with the Board at the Strategy Summit.

Membership Activities

  • Create and implement a business development plan to identify, educate and close potential applicants ensuring that applicants demonstrate the entry criteria of EO and the Chapter (consider diversity inc. females, business types and age groups). This may include reaching out to Members for referrals, contacting business award winners, looking for entrepreneurs through Member’s LinkedIN network etc.

  • Communicate potential new Member applicants to Trifecta (Membership/Integration/Forum) so that they are aware and ready for new member welcome integration and Forum placement

  • Update CRM (Pipedrive) with new member prospects, notes and sales cycle process 

  • Present at Membership Introduction Day to group of potential new Members

  • Respond to incoming leads as they come in and keep in regular contact through sales process