Learning Chair Position Description

The Learning Chair is responsible for scheduling, planning and coordinating a variety of learning, social and once-in-a-lifetime events that are captivating and informative for the Chapter membership. These events are the largest expense of the Chapter and are therefore a major part of the value derived out of membership – it is therefore a key responsibility to deliver exceptional experiences out of these events.

Together, we have identified the following goals, responsibilities, benefits and expectations of you in your position as Learning Chair.

Learning Chair Goals:

  • Design a diverse learning calendar and promote to Members well in advance 

  • Deliver a learning calendar which rates overall in line with the Board’s goals set at the Strategy Summit

  • Deliver once-in-a-lifetime (OIL) events and experiences that you can’t get anywhere else 

  • Attract Member and Forum attendance in line with the Board’s goals set at the Strategy Summit

To achieve these goals or other objectives for the Chapter, you may have a number of ideas and initiatives that you wish to pursue. Many of these ideas would have been generated during your time at the GLC based on the experiences of other Chapters around the world. You may also have discussed some ideas with your predecessor during succession meetings. You should raise these ideas for consideration with the Board at the Strategy Summit.

Learning Activities:

  • Plan diverse calendar in line with Board’s goals / theme with events at least once a month 

  • Reach out to desired or potential speakers and negotiate date, time and price

  • Provide detailed brief to events team including speaker contact, day/time, guest availability and invitation copy. Please note once this handover is done, the learning chair does not need to do anything else as we have a proven checklist to make sure all event logistics and promotion is covered.

  • Share speaker success stories with other Chapters and seek out speaker success stories from other Chapters

  • Liaise with fellow board members for ideas on events, locations, invitations, speakers, topics or issues that will add value to our Members

  • Recruit a Committee for the Chapter Advance and deliver a Chapter Retreat (held every two years, next one is 2021)

  • Cross promote events with other Chapters 

  • Participate in speaker tours organised by South Pacific where speaker is suitable and feasible for the Chapter