Integration Chair Position Description

The Integration Chair is responsible for on-boarding new Members, providing a seamless transition into the EO community,  invigorating tenured members, facilitating member connections and generally ensuring member satisfaction.

Together, we have identified the following goals, rewards, expectations, responsibilities and commitments, required of you in your position as Integration Chair.

Integration Chair Goals:

  • Meet the retention goal in line Board retention goal set at Strategy Summit

  • Provide a smooth interaction for new Members into the EO Community 

  • Maintain tenured members through by personal care creating / offering incentives targeted to Tenured Members

  • Understand every EO Member’s journey and steer them on a targeted journey 

To achieve these goals or other objectives for the Chapter, you may have a number of ideas and initiatives that you wish to pursue. Many of these ideas would have been generated during your time at the GLC based on the experiences of other Chapters around the world. You may also have discussed some ideas with your predecessor during succession meetings. You should raise these ideas for consideration with the Board at the Strategy Summit.

Integration Activities:

  • Attend and welcome new Members at the New Member Welcome Dinner (after Forum Training, once a quarter) 

  • Develop and implement retention strategy taking into consideration Tenured Members and Member’s families

  • Connect Members where possible 

  • Maintain awareness of member satisfaction and renewal intentions and report to Board 

  • Liaise with Trifecta (Membership/Integration/Forum) to be aware of potential new members and Forum placement timing 

  • Stay up to date on Chapter, Area, Regional and Global initiatives

  • Touch base with New Members via call or at events to check in and offer support where needed

  • Update notes on Members in CRM, Pipedrive