MYEO DX – The Table and Desk Experience!

As soon as I heard about the MYEO DX I saw it as a great opportunity to connect with the broader EO Global community of Entrepreneurs and Investors. The Deals Change was both a learning and a networking event with great speakers including Verne Harnish Founder of EO, Jeff Hoffman, Founder of Priceline and Brad Field. one of North Americas leading venture capital entrepreneurs.  


We have a patented manufacturing process (Enviro Framing Systems) that allows us to easily manufacture furniture frames that are predominantly used for making tables, desk and high tables. Initially I set about licensing this IP to other manufacturers across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, The Middle East and the USA. In the USA our system is used to manufacture furniture for quick service restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King and Chic Fil A.

It was when I returned home from one of these trips that my daughter Sophia asked me to help her put together a new desk she had just purchased for her bedroom. I thought this was a great dad and daughter project and I was her assistant as she assembled the desk. When we put it in her room it did not fit! It was so close. There were tears - we rearranged the room - it still did not fit the way Sophia wanted it. So she moved into the spare room. 

I started thinking that you should be able to buy a desk that fits perfectly. Why is it always a compromise? Furniture should fit us and our needs. Not the other way around. We already had the technology that would allow us to easily customise desks, tables and high tables we just did not have a platform for people to buy them. So was born in 2013. In 2015 we were a finalist in the Lord Mayor's Business Awards and then in 2016 we won the Australian Furnishing Industry’s Best Freestanding Commercial Furniture Award. 

We have been wanting to launch Table and Desk in the USA for some time.  With a licensed manufacturer in place in the USA we have the capability to locally manufacture and supply, we just needed to find the right partner to maximise this opportunity.

 My hope in attending the MYEO DX was that I could start connecting with the right people to make this happen. The final day of the MYEO DX was the Angel Shark Tank experience. This was an opportunity to “pitch” your business or idea to 5 Angel /Shark investors. I was unsure about entering but felt it would be good exposure to be able to pitch not only to the Angel /Sharks but also to the other conference attendees who represented most EO Chapters Globally.

18 Companies entered the tank! Each with 3 minutes to make a compelling pitch. At 3 minutes the microphone was silenced and the pitch was over. 18 companies were then shortlisted to 5. We made the shortlist! These five companies had a 20 minute Q&A with the Angel / Shark Investors. Two Angel Sharks they then decided to offer investment of USD$150,000 in Moxey run by Charlie Davis from EO Louisiana and 4 Angel /Sharks offered investment of USD$250,000 in Table and Desk making us the winner of the program.

The Angels Investors offering investment in Table and Desk are Scott Fritz, Ace Chapman, Marcus New and Mark Martin.

Peter Gabauer