2019 Entrepreneur of the Year

I was overcome with an immense sense of pride at reading these words from fellow EO’er Aaron Zamykal following the announcement of Royston Kent as our 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year. I reached out to both Aaron and Royston to seek permission to republish here. We are truly lucky to be surrounded by such loyal, supportive and inspirational peers.

Annika Launay - MarComms Chair EOA.

L-R: Royston Kent, Aaron Zamykal and Melissa Marsden of EO Brisbane Chapter

L-R: Royston Kent, Aaron Zamykal and Melissa Marsden of EO Brisbane Chapter

Each year something awesome happens.

Our Brisbane chapter decides on who will be the Entrepreneur of the Year.

Someone who represents the values of EO and goes above and beyond to nurture, develop and contribute to the Brisbane chapter. Someone who grows in all areas of their life; business, family, personal and community.

For 2019 the deserved winner was Royston Kent, Co-Founder and CEO of B&C Plastics and Co-Founder of zzoota.

2019 was a year of change, growth and development for Royston.

Supported by wife Wendy (also an entrepreneur, leader and Co-Founder of B&C) Royston delivered results with humility, steely resolve and a style that his peers respect.

In business there is talent that shouts, and talent that whispers. Royston represents the later. Humility makes this harder to see but it’s clearly displayed in all aspects of Royston’s life.

Royston Kent

Royston Kent

Sometimes it’s important to recognise and ‘shout’ a win like this. A win that highlights the trust and respect Royston has achieved in the business community.

Congratulations Royston, 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year; the future is looking bright.

Aaron Zamykal

In response, Royston - in true Royston style - contributed a few words of his own…

Receiving the award at the Changeover Dinner came as a complete shock, I had just presented Steve Gilbert with the EO Accelerator of the Year award and was on a real high from that experience.

Spending the last 12-months on the EO and EOA Boards have been a catalyst for a number of changes in my Business and with my Leadership style. Both boards are made up of members volunteering their time as a give back to the EO community, I believe that the recognition received was due to the incredible human beings around me.

Thank you to everyone that has been on this Journey.

Congratulations Royston - an incredibly well deserved win!