EO Brisbane x Sir Bob Geldof

Penned by Strategic Alliance Chair, Steve Gilbert - EO Brisbane…

I anticipated listening to Sir Bob Geldof with great eagerness. Like some, my knowledge of his life and exploits was somewhat limited coming in, but I knew enough to recognise that here was a guy who’s done extraordinary things and this was an experience to be valued! After all, what does it take to be a person the Pope has on speed dial, and US Presidents invite to ride on Airforce 1?

First and foremost, I think Bob is his own man. Largely responsible for raising himself, the stories of his youth were tragic, heart breaking and inspiring. His mission seems to have been very much born from the desire to be part of reshaping the world as only a rock star has the influence to do ! In his words ‘The Live Aid movement alone helped ‘tilt’ the world on its axis back towards ‘better’”

We heard him share his fear of ending up alone on a park bench somewhere at 60 years old. It gave insight to his wandering and unanchored existence as a young man. He joked later that after taking control of his life, setting a clear vision and literally taking crowds and crowds of people along with him, that he now owns that park bench and the park that it sits in!  

Sir Bob is still full of energy, exceptionally well informed and educated, somewhat eccentric and unapologetically outspoken on matters close to his own heart, more particularly the issues affecting humanity itself. 

He shared some fascinating insights into the expected increase in human consumption and demand for agricultural output.  

He was suitably frank on the gravity of the circumstances we find ourselves in and yet still holds some hope that we may find a way to move beyond what seems impossible to avoid.

Towards the end we got an interesting picture of the man. The frank admission of quick onset boredom and the ongoing struggle to reconcile his personal purpose - despite his vast achievements and contributions to humanity. 

He spoke well. He spoke clearly. He told easily. We hung on his words. Thoroughly enjoyable and completely compelling. Loved it. 


Steve Gilbert
Strategic Alliance Chair – EOA Brisbane