EO Brisbane x Sir Bob Geldof

I anticipated listening to Sir Bob Geldof with great eagerness. Like some, my knowledge of his life and exploits was somewhat limited coming in, but I knew enough to recognise that here was a guy who’s done extraordinary things and this was an experience to be valued! After all, what does it take to be a person the Pope has on speed dial, and US Presidents invite to ride on Airforce 1?

EO Brisbane Members in Top 100 Australian Young Entrepreneurs

Shakhovsky Siblings named in Top 100 Australian Young Entrepreneurs

The first ever Business News Australia Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs list is here and is a comprehensive dive into the colourful and creative business community in Australia. Amongst the impressive list of entrepreneurs inspiring us with their drive and innovation are the fab foursome - siblings Paul, Giovanna, Simon and Matt Shakhovsky of Directors of the Extraordinary and Escape Hunt Brisbane fame.


MYEO DX – The Table and Desk Experience!

As soon as I heard about the MYEO DX I saw it as a great opportunity to connect with the broader EO Global community of Entrepreneurs and Investors. The Deals Change was both a learning and a networking event with great speakers including Verne Harnish Founder of EO, Jeff Hoffman, Founder of Priceline and Brad Field. one of North Americas leading venture capital entrepreneurs.  


Ivanka for the WIN with Luke, Simon, Scott, Marc and Jen! 

How long have you been involved with EO Brisbane? I joined EO in September of 2006 and have been very active within the group. I love connecting with the other EO members and learning from their experiences. Going to universities and GLCs have been my highlights over the years.


Steve Gilbert from Get Parked - Current Strategic Alliance Chair

1. Proudest achievement: Building this business from scratch with no starting capital to a customer base of over 900 full time parkers per month.

2. Single hardest thing about being an entrepreneur? Others struggle to understand the depth of your journey.

3. Are you a big picture or detail driven person? I’m big picture driven - love to look at what’s possible and go for it.