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Mentorship Training

  • Pitcher Partners 345 Queen Street Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia (map)

Our chapter is brimming with talent. Yes that's right you. We can learn a lot from each other.

The mentorship program helps to put some structure around this.  

We're reaching out for mentors and mentees. But especially mentors. In addition to seeking non-EOers, EO alumni, YPOers etc, we seek EO members willing to coach their peers. 

In particular, I'd like you to think about what is unique about YOU. We're all different and have so much we can share. In business are you strong in team building?... crisis management, strategy, turn-arounds, start-ups, capital raising, joint ventures, deals, IPOs or trade sales, acquiring a business, time management, stepping back from a business, handing it onto the next generation? Bootstrapping? Are you good at working through a business model? Are you able to juggle multiple businesses, multiple investments? In your personal life do people envy the balance you have, time, personal fitness? 

When will you be matched with a Mentor or Mentee?

For anyone who nominates to be a Mentee or Mentor, we will be working on matching you up in the next few weeks. Paul Gunther will be in contact to provide an update on your application prior to the training on the 30th of November. 

What happens if we can't match you with a Mentor or Mentee?

There may be some instances that we cannot find a mentor however we would like to encourage as many as possible to attend the training and will continue to find an appropriate Mentor or Mentee.

Why should you attend the training?

Finally if any members and Accelerators in EO are thinking about the program for the future or would like to enhance their leadership/coaching skills then the trainingis only run once a year so it would be worth while attending.

Next steps! 

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor

Send your CV or bio to

If you are interested in becoming a Mentee

Complete the Mentee Application Form and send to

FAQs about mentorship or click here to download.

What is Mentorship? 
EO Mentorship is a one-on-one relationship between a mentee and a mentor that is guided by clear goals and timeframes to achieve high-level leadership and personal development.  Formal mentoring involves the Mentee – who is responsible for creating his/her own personal growth objectives and milestones, and the Mentor – who provides insight, perspective and support, within a safe and intimate environment of experience sharing. Within these formal mentoring relationships, Mentorship Pairs are matched based on mentee goals and mentor experience. Pairs meet face-to-face monthly, scheduled at the mentor's convenience and during each meeting the mentee brings forward specific goals for development, while the mentoracts as a sounding board.
How do we match mentor and mentee pairs?
We will look at the what the mentor says they can offer and what the mentee seeks and match.
What happens? 

  • Typically, only 10-12 meetings

  • Face-face meetings – scheduled monthly for 1-3 hours of uninterrupted time

  • Written and shared SMART goals – focused on achieving desired outcomes

  • A 12-month timeframe – a time boundary that creates urgency

  • Mentee leadership – fostering personal responsibility, growth & development

  • Structure and accountability – maximising the mentor's time and investment

What is Mentorship is not?  

  • Traditional ‘topic-based’ learning. Mentorships mean that mentees tackle the effort with full responsibility and commit to what’s involved, in order to receive what they want in the relationship. Growth and development is derived by setting significant and achievable goals, opening oneself to scrutiny and feedback and participating in honest communication.

  • A resource request. Mentors must remain financially independent from the mentee. They should not invest in the company or engage in supplier/purchaser relationships, nor are they expected to open their own business networks, connections or supplier/customer networks (but can if willing). In the event a mentor makes a financial investment in the mentee’s business, the formal EO Mentorship relationship must be terminated immediately.

  • Informal chats, supportive friendships or open-ended relationships. While supportive to their mentee, a mentor’s primary role is to challenge and expect results. Effective mentors emphasise accountability for reaching goals; they remain objective and outcome focused and not complicit with the mentee’s rationalisations or excuses. EO Mentorships are time-framed, lasting 12 months, at which point the formal relationship ends with a celebration of goals and accomplishments achieved.


Both mentors and mentees describe a good pairing as an amazing learning and growth experience. As both a mentor and mentee you can learn, grow and sometimes have that pivotal moment.

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