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Dear Member,

Brisbane Chapter Advance ‘19 will bring you, “Up Close and Personal” with some of Brisbane’s most iconic businesses all while you learn with a laugh. This outstanding agenda will be hosted by Corporate Communication Specialist and Stand Up Comedian, Terry Williams.

EO’s purpose is to change the lives of the entrepreneurs that change the world.

This year, our unique Brisbane Chapter Advance brings together your personal, business and region’s today and tomorrow - to help prepare, inspire and propel you into your tomorrow.

You’ll learn how to be a more effective version of yourself, and engage with your staff and peers more effectively - through a mind-opening workshop that teaches you how to take a more constructive mindset to every part of your life.

You’ll hear from inspiring entrepreneurs, who have created and run household name brands.

You’ll learn how Brisbane is transforming and get an ‘EO only’ behind the scenes tours and insights of projects that will bring an extra 3,000,000 people to the River City each year… Pretty significant in a city of 2,100,000 people!

There’s parts of the event that welcome employees, parts that are members only and concluding with a special spouse/partners event.  Join us, tickets will go fast!

Paul Findlay, EO Brisbane Learning Chair 18/19


Imagine an ENTREPRENEURIAL journey where creating a disruptive brand was literally just the beginning…

Todd Howard (Owner TBH Group) is making time for a special fireside chat sharing a rare insight into the launch from being a high school teacher to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Get up close and personal with a guy who has made small ideas into income in some of the best brands you will find. Looking for raw, exclusive and inspirational?… be ready to grow.

love iS in the air…

Enter the fascinating world of diamonds, jewelry making and the insights from Stuart Bishop, 2nd generation of a 3 generation, family-owned and run retail icon.

You’ll meet jewellers, see the jewellery process and maybe, just maybe, something extra special ;).

Spouses welcome!

matt pollard is in town for our advance

Matt Pollard is a globally renowned speaker who has been signed on by EO Global to benefit the network - yep he’s one of those, “WOW so glad I saw that “guy” speakers who’s schedule has been aligned with our ‘19 Chapter Advance.

Matt alone will be worth your time.

Our host, Terry williams

Terry Williams is an expert, author and motivational / entertaining conference keynote speaker on engaging people. A trainer and facilitator for over 25 years, he’s also a columnist in ‘Employment Today’ magazine.

His book ‘The Brain-Based Boss’ takes psychological research and breaks it down, to make it interesting and useful for people wanting to improve their performance and engage the people they work with.

Terry is also a professional stand-up comedian, performing in several NZ International Comedy Festivals. Unforgettable, entertaining, fun, interactive and full of takeaway 'How to's.'

learn about SEQ’s first Mega Cruise Ship Terminal, land reclamation and our gateway to the world

Learn from the Port of Brisbane’s, Head of Strategy how Brisbane is designing it’s future on the world stage.

Check out just one part of this mind-expanding tour and presentation

Did you know Brisbane is currently the second busiest one-runway airport in the world?

Check out this video to get some idea of the scale of project you’ll learn about in our exclusive EO tour and presentation.

Oh, then there’s the 1,000,000 people each year expected to come to our Brisbane Automall that will put Brisbane front and centre of the automotive testing, launch, development and retailing of the world… here’s a glimpse

got a plan to build a 500,000kG retaining wall?

Come and learn from an inspiring entrepreneur that truly transforms his world. Just a little project in his unique and fascinating world, that you’ll learn about is how to build something in the ocean using 500,000kg of boulders…


Experience How the World's Leading Brands Grow Their Leaders, John Belchamber

Learn to improve your leadership and positive influence - amplify the performance of your team.

Creating and maintaining a high-performance culture starts with the way you engage your people and help engage and align them to bring their very best performance every day.

In this session you will develop your leadership skills and how to make the most of the diverse personality types in your team and to adapt your leadership style for greater impact.

John Belchamber the Chief Development Officer of the OrgDev Institute will guide you (and any team or family members you bring) through a process that will increase your understanding of each other and learn how to increase your performance as individuals and as a team.

The session will use the latest tools based on evidence-based research out of the USA leverage the REACH Ecosystem.

Chapter Advance Exclusive Member Benefit:

The OrgDev Institute is providing every attendee with unlimited use of the entire REACH Ecosystem for 12-months.

As a remarkable benefit to EO Brisbane members that attend the Chapter Advance each member will receive an unrestricted access and unlimited use of the world-class people development and organisational development tools used in the world’s leading organisations such as Adobe, Cisco, BMW and Hilton for:




Internally delivered training


Want to step up your leadership, and improve the performance of your company? You’ll learn how, and receive the resources to keep it alive.


Corporate protection australia group

Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) is a dynamic and specialist organisation. We provide premium emergency response and asset protection solutions supporting health & safety in the oil & gas, energy, mining, maritime, aviation and critical infrastructure industries.

The CPA Group has a fundamental philosophy of consultation and communication with clients, associates and industry to maximise the outcome for our client.



6:00pm - 6:30pm Registrations - Emporium Hotel South Bank Rooftop Bar

6:30pm - 9:30pm Welcome Drinks and Stand Up from Terry Williams - Emporium Hotel South Bank Rooftop Bar


9:00am - 3:30pm Tours
Port of Brisbane
Brisbane Airport

3:30pm - 5:30pm Experience How the World's Leading Brands Grow Their Leaders, John Belchamber - Emporium Hotel South Bank Ballroom (open to employees and partners)

6:30pm - 9:30pm Dinner and Keynote from Todd Howard (Snap Fitness) - Emporium Hotel South Bank


9:00am - 11:00am Build your Story Playbook, Mathew Pollard - Emporium Hotel South Bank Ballroom (open to guests)

11:00am - 5:30pm Tours
Pacific Tugs
Corporate Protection Australia Group
Wallace Bishop (open to Spouse / Life Partners)

5:30pm onwards optional drinks (at Member’s own expense) - TBA

Ticket Inclusions and Pricing

  • 2 x nights single share accommodation at Emporium Hotel South Bank

  • 2 x dinners

  • 12 months unlimited use of Profiling, Coaching, Training, Culture Surveys, Supervisor Assessments ~$6k

  • Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on both days

  • Entry to all sessions as per the Agenda

  • 1 x Spouse / Life Partner ticket to Wallace Bishop session

Member and Accelerator = $599 + credit card fees & GST

Register After 9 April
Member and Accelerator = $699 + credit card fees & GST

Psychometrics, John Belchamber
Guest Tickets = $149 + credit card fees & GST

Build Your Story Playbook, Matthew Pollard
Guest Tickets = $149 + credit card fees & GST

Wallace Bishop
Guest Tickets = $0