EO Brisbane Board Member Expectations

Thank you for nominating to become a Member Leader of the EO Brisbane Chapter by stepping into a leadership role.  As a volunteer organisation we cannot function without the participation, engagement and leadership of Members like you.  As a member of the Board and other leadership roles, there are commitments and expectations that will need to be met in order to ensure that our Board and Chapter continue to function and drive Member value. 

Board Member Benefits!

Strategic Impact

Opportunity to have a strategic impact on a large organization at a local level

Leadership Skills            

Opportunity to develop leadership skills and participate on a not-for-profit company Board

Business Rewards  

Gain practice and expertise with strategic planning, program management, communications and leadership

Global Leadership Conference  

Opportunity to attend Global Leadership Conference, a conference just for leaders of EO

Path to Leadership       

Chance to work closely with EO leadership – Chapter,  Area and Regional

Chance to get to know other EO Members

Exposure to Global Board

Resources available to you:

System / Programs 

Xero (accounting Software) | Pipedrive (CRM) | Mailchimp (bulk emailing scheduling) | Canva (Graphic Design) | Doodle (meeting scheduling) | EO Network (global CRM) | Samepage (resource sharing) | Formaliti (electronic document signing) | Trello (project management) | Squarespace (website editor) | Eventbrite (event registration) | SMS global (bulk SMS) | WhatsApp (board communication) | Google Drive (file storage) 


  • The Chapter is dedicated to the successful integration and network development of its Members and is prepared to commit funds to help meet the needs identified by you to achieve your goals

  • Please consider the activities you may wish to pursue and the costs you are likely to incur to achieve your objectives and work with the Finance Chair to establish a reasonable budget in light of the Chapter’s overall finances – update your budget requirements with the Finance Chair regularly

  • Further, please keep the Board informed of any specific costs that are materially outside of budget expectations

Board including the President

  • The Board as a whole and each Member individually is dedicated to assisting each other fulfil their Chair roles

  • We encourage you to liaise, work or coordinate with other members of the Board to fulfil your Chair role


We encourage you to approach your Forum or other Members of the Chapter to assist you with any specific tasks that you think will help achieve your goals

Area and Regional Directors (AD and RD) (Member Leader Support)

Each Region and Area has Directors who are:

  • trained (at the GLC) to successfully assist the Chapter Directors in their region and Area

  • an experienced resource to assist you with your role and responsibilities

  • able to help with problems in your Chapter or in your program

Please keep your President, Board,  Area or Regional Director informed on the happenings in your area if there are issues that you believe need to be considered.

Chapter,  Area and Region Administrators and Managers (Staff Support)

Nicci Pawlowski as our designated Chapter Manager, Nikki Shoults and Felicity Merrick as our designated Events Team and Rebecca O’Gorman is the Manager for the Asia Pacific Region – they are available as support to accomplish your goals. Nicci will also spend two hours with you, face to face, prior to your term to run you through our systems, file structure, where to find information and what your admin team can support you with.

Chair Role Specific Staff Support 

There is a Regional Staff Manager that can also assist you in understanding and supporting your role.  Please use them to support you to accomplish your goals.

What you can expect from the Chapter and fellow Board Members:

  • The Chapter will invest in your learning and development

  • You will receive an opportunity to be a part of the EO Brisbane Chapter Leadership Program

  • You will learn skills such as strategic planning, meeting facilitation and director governance

  • You will attend the Global Leadership Conference, and gain access to EO Global resources

  • You will be working alongside and learning from EO Member leaders from around the world and experience the EO core values: Boldly Go, Make a Mark, Trust and Respect, Cool and Thirst for Learning

  • You will receive Trust and Respect and a safe place to express your ideas and concerns 

  • You will be part of a team of smart and driven entrepreneurs working together to achieve common goals

  • Your Chapter Manager will support you in the execution and administration of your role 

  • Systems and software to execute your role

What the Board expects from you as a Board Member:

  • Adhere to Forum confidentiality at all times

  • 48 business hour response turn-around on email, phone and WhatsApp communication

  • All files and content created in your Board term remains property of EO Brisbane

  • You use EO Brisbane’s systems and software to record and store data / files and work with the Chapter Manager to implement new ones

  • Attend the EO Global Leadership Conference (GLC)

  • Attend Board meetings and commitments. A minimum 80% attendance is required to remain a member of the Board

  • Participate in functional Chair role calls and commitments. A minimum 80% attendance is required to remain a member of the Board

  • If you cannot attend any meeting or commitment, ensure your apology is submitted prior, together with any required update or report. Following this, ensure you bring yourself up to date with correspondence and required actions

  • Serve as a fiduciary steward, supporting the interests of both the EO Brisbane Chapter and EO global organizations’

  • Execute your Chair role tasks pursuant to your officer guide and role description, and provide updates on your role performance, including metrics, successes and challenges

  • In conjunction with the President-elect, recruit and train a successor for your Chair role

  • As a Board Member, you must be an active Forum member and involved and engaged at the Chapter level

  • Read, understand and support the EO Brisbane Constitution

  • Mutual respect – show up on time, do what you say you will do, communicate promptly and act according to the EO core values

  • Stay up to date on Chapter, Area, Regional and Global initiatives

  • Be responsible for meeting major chapter milestones for your role: Chapter Activity Major Milestones by Chair Role

EO Brisbane - Board Meeting Schedule 20/21

You will be required to attend:

  • 12 x Board Meetings

  • 4 x CLP sessions (held same day as Board Meeting) and 

  • Shadow 2 x 19/20 Board Meetings

14th May 2020 (Shadow Board Meeting)

24th June 2020 (Shadow Board Meeting)

TBA July 

TBA August

TBA September

TBA October

TBA November

TBA December

TBA January

TBA February

TBA March

TBA April


TBA June

You will also be required to send in a fortnightly video update.

Strategy Summit Schedule

Mandatory attendance for all Board Members

TBA April/May

TBA January

Global Leadership Conference

Mandatory attendance for all Board Members

28 April – 1 May - South Africa